10 proven ways to reduce high blood pressure / hypertension

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First lets see what is high blood pressure?

Hypertension or increasing blood pressure is when your blood pressure raises to unhealthy levels .

Blood pressure test shows how much blood is going from your blood vessels and the quantity of resistance the blood meets when the heart pumps blood .

Resistance can be increased by narrow arteries , if you have narrow arteries than you are at high risk of developing high blood pressure it can also cause other health issues like heart disease .

High BP is a common disease nowadays . The guidelines have recently changed, its said that nearly 1/2 of American adults will face this condition .

High blood pressure generally grows in several years . Usually you will not get any symptoms but even without them this can be fatal and can harm your heart, eyes, kidneys, brain and your blood vessels.

Daily blood pressure tests can help your doctor see if there are any changes .

Cure for hypertension includes both healthy lifestyle and medications .If the condition is not noticed , it could cause severe health issues like stroke and heart attack.

download this chart to understand blood pressure readings –

How to know i have hypertension?

Actually it’s a silent condition majority of people will not be able to catch it’s symptoms . This may take a long period of time like years or even decades to be noticed .

Here are the symptoms of severe hypertension :

3.Shortness of breath
5.Blood in urine
6.Chest pain
8.Visual changes

If you relate these symptoms we advise you to seek urgent medical attention .

These symptoms does not occur in every person who is facing hypertension , but waiting for these symptoms is ‘NOT’ a good idea .

Get regular blood pressure tests, that’s the best way to catch whether you have hypertension ask your doctor for that he will do it free for you.

If your family has a history of heart disease or have chances to develop then your doctor will tell you to check your blood pressure thrice in a year . This will help your doctor and you to understand if there are any issues before they turn severe .

What causes high blood pressure?

There are two types of hypertension and both have different cause –

  • Primary hypertension

Primary hypertension is also called as essential hypertension. It develops slowly over time and its cause can not be identified. Most persons will have this type of blood pressure .

There’s still a debate what causes blood pressure to slightly increase . A mixup of factors can play a major role these factors are :

Genes : you can get hypertension from your genetics for example if your parents experienced the same similarly there is a chance of you developing hypertension.

Body changes : physical changes can also cause blood pressure to raise for example, if your kidney functions change due to increasing age can upset the body’s balance and can cause high blood pressure .

Lifestyle : if you choose unhealthy lifestyle and lack exercise in your routine or follow poor diet or eating junk foods in addition it can lead to weight increase and excessive weight can take at a greater risk to develop hypertension . Here are 5 simple tricks to loose weight – https://healthroad.in/how-to-loose-weight-5-simple-tricks/

  • Secondary hypertension

secondary condition occurs quickly and will become more disastrous than primary hypertension. Here are the conditions :

1.Kidney problems
2.Sleep apnea
3.Thyroid problems
7.Adrenal gland diseases

Now take a comfortable seat to get information from this lengthy article of Healthroad –

How to treat high blood pressure? – follow these tips to overcome the problem .

proven ways to reduce high blood pressure

1.cut extra weight and keep an eye on your waistline

It is the image of women with a perfect waistline

More weight can also be a reason for increasing blood pressure it causes disturbed breathing while you sleep also called as sleep apnea which raises the blood pressure in your body .

Weight loss can be a miraculous step for controlling blood pressure . Cutting a small amount of weight can help you control your blood pressure .

Generally with each kilogram of weight (2.2 pounds )you will reduce your blood pressure by about 1 mm of mercury .

During weight lose , you should also look after your waistline having obsessive weight around your waist can take you to the greater risk of high blood pressure.

Generally Males are at greater risk if they have waist measurement is 40 inches ( 102 centimeters ) or more .

Females can be at this risk if their waist measurement crosses 35 inches ( 89 centimeters )

These numbers vary from person to person talk to your doctor for a perfect waist measurement for you .

2. Exercise regularly

Image of a man running

If you indulge yourself in physical activities for 150 minutes a week can reduce your blood pressure by 5 to 8 mm hg.

It is important to be consistent quitting physical activities can rise your blood pressure again.

If you are fighting with elavated blood pressure , regular exercise can help you skip hypertension and if you already have hypertension , regular exercise can reduce your blood pressure to an great extent .

In aerobic you can try exercises like swimming , walking , jogging, cycling or dancing . High intensity interval training can also be tried .

For reducing blood pressure you can also try strength training include strength training at least two days in your week .

3. Eat a healthy diet

Diet rich in whole grains , vegetables, fruits and minimum-fat dairy products can lower your blood pressure levels upto 11mm Hg .

this method is called dietary approaches to stop hypertension diet .

Commonly it is very difficult to change our eating habits but we’ll suggest you some tips that will help you out to adopt a healthy diet :

  • Record your eatings

If you write down what you eat for just one week can show you your true eating habits . Monitor what you consume , how much why and when?

  • Increase your potassium intake

Potassium will decrease the effect of sodium on blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables are the best source for potassium instead of taking supplements .

Visit your doctor to decide your potassium level.

  • Be smart while shopping

Always keep an eye on the labels of food when purchasing and never miss your healthy-eating plan when going to eat outside too.

4. Decrease your sodium intake

If you decrease a small amount of sodium from your food then its going to be a blessing for your heart health and can also decrease your blood pressure by 5 to 6 mm HG .

i think you should go for it because its a very simple step to decrease your blood pressure .

Sodium’s effect varies from person to person . Generally , make a border of your sodium intake to 2300 MG daily or less.

However , less sodium consumption — 1500 miligram (MG) daily or less — is considered perfect for most adults.

Here are some tips to help you reduce sodium in your diet :

  • Notice food labels

Buy low-sodium alternatives of the food packets and drinks you normally purchase.

  • Eat fewer processed foods

Naturally sodium carries a very small amount of sodium more sodium is added to them during processing so consider eating low processed foods if possible .

  • Reduce salt

Do you know just one spoon of salt carries 2,300 milligrams (MG) of sodium. instead of salt use natural spices or herbs for flavouring your food .

  • Do it lightly

If you feel like you are not able to decrease your sodium intake suddenly , then go for it gradually after some time your body will adjust with that.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol has two sides good and bad . If you drink alcohol in limit like one drink daily for females and two drinks a day for males can actually decrease your blood pressure by 4 mm HG.

12 ounces equals to one drink of beer . But these effects will vanish if you consume to much alcohol .

Drinking more than a limit can increase your Blood pressure by several points and it can also stop the effects of other medications if you are taking to lower your blood pressure .

6. Say no to smoking

When you smoke a cigarette it raises your blood pressure for a period of time after it is finished . If you stop smoking blood pressure will return to it normal levels.

not only blood pressure quitting cigarette can also lower your risks of heart diseases and can kick up your overall health .

In a study it is found that people can live longer if they quit smoking it doesn’t increase your lifespan it just stops your lifespan being decreased by smoking .

7. Cut back on caffeine
Its a image of tea cup

The effect of caffeine in your blood pressure levels is mysterious. People who rarely consume caffeine their blood pressure can be raised upto 10 mm HG .

But in regular drinking of coffee it is noticed that there are very little or no attack on their blood pressure .

Although it not clear that what are the long-term effects of caffeine on blood pressure levels , but as accepted blood pressure may slowly rise.

If you want to check whether caffeine raises your blood pressure or not see your blood pressure within 40 minutes of drinking coffee , tea or something caffeinated .

If you see your blood pressure increased by 5 to 10 mm HG then caffeine is bad for your blood pressure levels . Visit your doctor about the effects of caffeine on you . Learn more on caffeine demerits click here – https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/caffeine-side-effects

8. Reduce your stress

Stress is also a reason for high blood pressure . more research is to be done to cleary understand the demerits of stress on blood pressure levels .

During a stressful day if you eat foods that are not healthy, drinking, smoking or alcohol then they will also contribute to high blood pressure .

Think of what is causing you stress like family , any illness, finance etc. Once you got it try to eliminate them here are some tips to help you out

  • change your expectations

Make a time table for your day and give priority to your priorities . Dont work too much and practice to say ‘NO’ .

Be enough matured to understand that there are many things that we can’t change but we should know and learn how to react on them .

You should focus on what is under your control and can change that.

If you are troubled by family matters try talking to them about your stress , if you had a conflict with your wife take steps to fix it .

  • Avoid stress triggers

Skip things which triggers your stress . For example , if you rush in traffic for your work try going more early in the morning or take any bus or book a cab i think that will be a more comfortable journey for your office and try to avoid people who make you angry or stressed .

Listen to music it will relieve your stress levels by 43.9 percent , try activities you enjoy.

Pick time to have a sit in park alone daily with your headphones on admire your surroundings and try some sports that you enjoy .

  • share with your loved ones

Sharing your problems with your friends or family that will help you relieve your stress .

9. Test your blood pressure daily

Monitoring your blood pressure daily at home will be a great step . Blood pressure can be monitored anytime without any prescription and visit your doctor when possible.

Regular visiting to your doctor is also a key for controlling blood pressure ask whether to check daily or how often and your doctor will suggest,

if you need any changes in your medications of blood pressure .

10. Get support from your family

A supportive family can improve your overall health . You will be encouraged to take care of your health and sometimes you will also be forced to visit your doctor or can join you with your exercise programs to reduce your blood pressure .

You can also join any support groups . You will get to know new peoples who can motivate you and will give you a moral boost and can improve your condition .

These are the proven ways to reduce high blood pressure ( proven ways to reduce high blood pressure) ( proven ways to reduce high blood pressure)

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