Should i go for hair transplant?

Its a image of a before and after results of hair transplant

Hair transplant is the latest thugs not only for those who have lost their hair but even for them who want to restore their hairlines. But are hair transplants really worth it ? Is it a long lasting process or just a temporary comfort ?

steps for hair transplant :

Hair transplant is a surgical process that involves removal of hair follicles from any parts of the body like beard or chest and planting them on the bald portion. The new techniques are durable and they pick up follicular clusters of hair. This process is called Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT) which can be executed in two ways, strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

In strip harvesting, skin strips with nice hair growth are planted on balded areas and in FUE hair hair follicles with their roots are manually removed and planted to the bald area .
Hair transplant surgeons are mostly adopting strip harvesting these days ,It leaves a tiny scar at the donor area and ensures regrowth within three weeks.

FUE is a manual and time consuming process but gives very lovely results. However, it is not a money effective process and is time taker both for the surgeon and the patient.

These are the steps :

  • Preparation for the hair transplant-
    In the initial step of the Hair Transplant Surgery, hairs from the back of the head are plucked and planted to the area with no hair .
  • Donor area trimmed-
    Before starting the process ,hairs in the donor area are trimmed.
  • Donor area prepared for surgery
  • After trimming the hairs of donor area given local anesthesia is given .
  • Tissue removal of donor area and it is sutured .

The tissues present in the donor area which contains the DHT resistant hair follicles is plucked surgically and then the area is sewed.

  • Combed hair over sutured donor area

donor area sutures are hidden by the patient’s hair that are combed over them. Doctors ensure to remove these sutures after 10 days of your hair transplant surgery .

  • Donor tissue trimmed into follicular unit grafts

Then the doctors use microscopes to see the donor tissue dissecting and making follicular units hair grafts .

  • Bald recipient area prepared

After giving the local anesthesia to the patient, the bald area is prepared for the surgery No trimming of hairs is required at the top of the bald area.

  • Tiny holes that are made in the balding areas, grafts are placed in these holes that are made in an irregular pattern in the bald area.
  • Grafts are placed depending on their densities the small grafts are planted at the hairline and the denser grafts are placed behind .
  • after the Hair Transplant Surgery.

After the hair transplant surgery, small holes with tiny hairs can be seen on the operated area.

  • Closing of the Hair Transplant Surgery

The surgical marks of hair transplant heal naturally and the redness in the recipient area goes itself within two weeks.

Recuperation period

Commonly the patients are allowed to do shampoo or conditioner after three to four days and are advised to protect the scalp from sun and infections for a period of time after the surgery. Patient should also take antibiotics for some time after the surgery .

Must know facts about hair transplant:

1. The transplanted hair looks like natural hairs and falls between two to four weeks of transplant ( this is shedding phase of the transplanted hairs, its common ) . Then the roots starts growing new hairs naturally and continue for a long time .

2. Giving local anesthesia to the patient holds a benefit of no pain procedure during the surgery and the patient can go home on same day.

3.Hair transplant does not mean you will have attractive and dense real looking hairs as the result differs on persons and also it depends on a person’s natural hair growing nature .

4. for every bald person hair transplant is not a only solution as it depends on different types of persons.

5. The most common question which comes in mind of people is how much does transplant cost ? Clear answer is the more the number of grafts, the more the cost .

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