How to start a healthy day / fitness tips / 5 tips

how to start a healthy day :-

Health is the greatest treasure its not just a statement but a ultimate truth. Without a healthy body u can’t imagine a jumping life . For this busy and fast life you need a strong and healthy body to survive happily and for a healthy life you should first plan to start a healthy day .

Here are some tips to start a healthy day

1. Wake up early in the morning

It the image of a table clock

this is the first and most important step for a healthy day. waking up early holds some miraculous benefits that you should know . When you wake up early in the morning you will feel stressfree and positive energy inside you and the environment is very calm and you get some extra hours if you want to do some work like studying or exercise .

2. Meditation

Meditation is ancient cure for all your problems that are created by mind early morning meditation turns your brain into superpower it removes brain fog and make you stress free and helps you controlling your mind .you can try meditation in the morning between 4 am – 6 am thats a great time for that it will boost your brain and make your mind happy to start a kickass day.

3. Avoid coffee or tea

Mostly peoples have habit of enjoying coffe or tea in the early morning but thats a bad habit for starting the day tea and coffe contains several ingredients that are not good for your health like

  • Reduced iron absorption
  • increase anxiety , stress and restlessness
  • poor sleep
  • nausea
  • heart burn
  • Pregnancy complications
  • headache
  • Dizziness
  • Caffiene dependence

instead tea or coffee you should start drinking green tea that will boost your metabolism and contains many beneficial ingredients that will improve you body health it contains ingredients like –

  • Tannins
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin c
  • Vitamin E
  • theanine
  • Plant pigments
  • alkalinity
  • fluorine
  • Saponins


  • Health maintenance
  • Hangovers
  • prevention of lifestyle diseases
  • Relieve in constipation
  • relieves fatigues
  • prevents cancer
  • Reducing the affect of smoking

It will be a great weapon to start your day in a healthy way

4. Exercise

It is the image of a person running

Exercising should be a important factor in starting your day this will help your body to activate every cell present inside and will increase blood circulation in the body early morning exercise will also help to burn bad cholesterol and can make you fit and healthy . Exercise doesn’t mean you should do workout in gym early morning you can try some light exercises aslo like running –

For running you can try these extra ordinary and durable sparx sport shoes that will enhance your experience of running

rope jumping etc. Instead these are more beneficial than the workout in gym .early morning exercise holds many miraculous benefits like –

  • Fresh mind
  • wieght loss
  • Healthier Heart ♥
  • Increased energy
  • maintain mobility
  • Boost immune system
  • maintain blood pressure

5. Breakfast

This is the image of morning breakfast

Morning breakfast is the most important meal of the day your breakfast decides how your whole day will be. Many people prefer having oily and fried foods in the morning but thats not a good idea instead you should have breakfast like whole grain oats or fruits like apple , banana etc. It will give your body a energy to work whole day .

After that take a dancing shower shower and take your way to work.

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