How to stop hairfall in India

Hairloss is the most common stress among the people in the world . Today we are going to talk how to stop hairfall in india because there are different methods for different geographic locations these methods will work high in india.

around 750 million people of the world’s total population is bald that is around 10%.

Genetics is the biggest reason for baldness..

According to research, male pattern baldness features a direct relationship with the male sex hormone called androgens. Androgens holds many functions in the body, one of which is to increase hair growth.

Every hair on the top has its own growth cycle. This growth cycle becomes weak when there is a problem of baldness.

After that short and thin hair starts growing on the head. Gradually, the growth cycle of all hairs dies and new hair stops in their place.

Inherited male pattern baldness does not have any side effects. But sometimes baldness can be inherited from serious diseases like –

  • Having thyroid problems
  • Cancerous disease
  • Intake of anabolic steroids
  • Intake of certain medicines

Youngsters nowadays starts experiencing hairloss in their early 20s and go bald by the age of 35-40 in some cases .

there most common type of hairloss is –

male pattern baldness

male pattern baldness is the most common baldness among the people .

It is found that More than – 50 percent of all men over the age of 50 will be affected by male pattern baldness.

In simple words male pattern baldness is genetic baldness which you inherit from your genes.

for example if your father is bald then the chances of your baldness is 60% in some rare lucky cases you might be saved but its rare.

the DHT blocks the roots of your hairs which leads in blockage of blood and nutrients supply to your hair follicle .

By this your hair strands start becoming thin and then fall out which never grows again.

in male pattern baldness you start experiencing hairloss in your early 20s and can see a receding hairline.

Hairs start to thin either from your hairline or from your temple and crown area in male pattern baldness .

Hairs stop their growing cycle in male pattern baldness once their life is over the new life cycle will not start.

now lets see how to stop hairfall in india –


the best medication to treat male pattern baldness is –

  • Rogaine ( minoxidil )
mintop forte 5% by dr. Reddy

this is a FDA approved drug for treating male pattern baldness . In some cases it totally prevents balding but commonly it postpones the time of balding.

it removes the old damaged hair ( hairs that are going to fall in next three months) and starts growing new hairs by increasing the blood circulation to your scalp .


– It comes with a dropper and a spray u can use what you want.

-it should not be used more than 1 ml at once. The droppers indicates the 1 ml mark and usually 5-6 sprays complete 1 ml mark.

-this solution should be applied twice per day as prescribed but you can aslo use once at night .

-put one – one drop on the whole scalp with the dropper and then gently rub your scalp with your fingers and its done.

Side effects

Hairfall will increase in the first two months of use but it is the part of its working it removes old damaged hairs for the new ones

-Dry scalp – the alcohol present in this solution dry out your scalp and can make hairs dry and frizzy for this u can use alcohol free minoxidil .

-itchiness – it is also caused by the alcohol present in the solution.

for more information visit here : – .

  • Finasteride
    it is a pill that you have to take daily. Use it only after the prescription of your doctor .both of these drugs, it may take up to 6 months to see results, and you’ll need to take them consistently to maintain the benefits.

lifestyle changes –

  • Quit smoking
    research has showed that there’s a link between hairloss and smoking . To prevent hairfall quitting smoking is a good idea .
  • Scalp massage
    Scalp massage can help with your hairfall. Massaging the scalp boosts hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles.

In a study, healthy men who received 4 minutes of scalp massage each day for 24 weeks had thicker hair at the end of the study.

  • A balanced diet

A balanced diet can keep your hair healthy and stop hairfall You have to include a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, unsaturated fats, and lean proteins in your diet, and decrease your intake of sweets .

Certain vitamins and minerals found in vegetables are associated with strong hair.

Try adding these types of foods:


iron fortified grains

iron rich foods

green leafy vegetables


foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as –


flax seeds

egg yolks

hemp seeds


High protein foods like eggs, lean meats, and seafood
Last but not least, make sure you’re drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

after applying all these rules to your life you will never come back to this post how to stop hairfall in india ya thats a loss for me but a benefit for you.

the bottom line

After using all these precautions you will start noticing a change in your hairs and see new hairs started growing in the place of dead hairs . Generally there is no cure for male pattern baldness the only cure is luck but its rare . But it can be postponed by implementing several tricks to our lifestyle .

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