Masturbation side effects / good or bad?

Have you ever thought why masturbation is so easy to do ? Have you ever heard wrong path is smooth and attractive and the right one is bad to walk on full of stones and thorns lets try to find out .

Nowadays masturbation or semen ejaculation became a normal game for people specially the younger ones they think its just a useless element (sperm) to throw out and take pleasure but they dont want to listen about this topic’s demerits .

Yes masturbation is a easy process but its side effects are very hard to listen let me get to the point the sperm that you ejaculate during masturbation do you know how the body formed it?

just assume you eated something today after that this food will take 35 days to form sperm in the body yes you heard it right ! 35 days is the total process of making sperm that you waste in 35 seconds .

The food that we eat goes from seven (7) different stages and forms sperm at the last stage :-

1. Ras (juice)
2. Rakht (blood)
3. Maas ( flesh )
4. Medh
5. Asthi ( bone )
6. Majja ( marrow )
7. Shukr ( sperm )

And each process takes the time of 5 days to be completed that simply proves the seventh element take 35 days to form .

Nowadays people started taking all these things very lightly and just thinks masturbation is a normal process but in my opinion it is NOT .
Have you ever thought in the ancient times why peoples are like superhuman everyone had their own superpower someone had immortal body strength and many had brains like computer its just because they were not indulged in these activities and were given the shiksha of brahmcharya ( celebacy)  dont tell me you never heard that word in brahmcharya it was taught like

– Try extracting juice of a sugarcane and then say –  now it is worth eating is it ? NO, man with no semen is exactly like this sugarcane nowadays people have started taking masturbation very lightly, otherwise in the old times it was a great disaster to destroy celibacy and only by following this In the old times, such supreme heroes were  born
if you understand the power of the semen ( sperm)  that you ejaculate during masturbation or any other sexual activity  you will never have masturbation in life.

In ancient  times, it was compulsory to follow Brahmacharya till the age of 25 in Gurukul, so that those students had unlimited strength, intelligence, knowledge, beauty, glory and a steel like body.
there is unlimited power in the substance extracted by masturbation, if you harm it, then you will suffer many losses .

disadvantages of masturbation –

1.Decreased physical strength 

The sperm present in our body holds immense power in it and keep circulating that power in the whole body in the form of vapours and when we masturbate it converts itself into liquid and comes out giving a severe threat to the body which results in body weakness

2. Loss of memory power

As per the books of brahmcharya sperm is also present in our brain that gives every essential nutrients to our brain and when ejaculated comes out leaving brain empty that results in memory loss .

3. Loss of confidence

If a person masturbates too much or daily we can see a low level of confidence in him social fobia starts increasing in him he will then not or cannot make eye contact with others

4. Low stamina

Masturbation aslo affects your stamina you already know that very well you might also have experienced that when you dont masturbate for a couple of weeks you can feel your body is getting energetic and fast .

5. Nightfall ( wet dreams )

People who do excessive masturbation experience wet dreams because the quality of their sperm gets low and it becomes thin like water that can easily flow out from the penis without any pressure as it get used to it .

These are some common and major side effects of masturbation visit here for more information

Side effects of masturbation that means if we do not masturbate there might be some benefits also yaa definitely it has endless benefits 😍 that can blow your minds and these are the things i personally experienced practicing  celebacy :

Benefits of not masturbating / semen retention / nofap / brahmcharya

1. Body strength

It is the most common benefit of not masturbating when you dont masturbate for weeks you will feel like your body is on another level in strength

2. Increased memory

When you dont masturbate it will give immense power to your brain and will boost your memory power that will help you remember things happened long time ago and will be a miraculous gift for students .

3. Increased stamina

It aslo helps in increasing stamina you can try it on yourself after trying nofap calculate your stamina before and after you will see a unbelievable change and will feel like a superhero .

4. Attraction from opposite gender

WIth this you get a magical aura sorrounding you and then will get a bunch of attraction from opposite gender .

5. Increase testosterone levels

Not masturbating will help boost your testosterone levels and will help you grow a full beard for more information on beard growth visit here –

There are many other benefits of nofap like :

1. Shining like a sun in thecrowd of 100 peoples.

2. Beautiful and lightened skin

3. Bright and sharp eyes

4. Machine-like strength in the body

5. No tiredness

6. Full of confidence

7. Strong strength of resolution

8. High testosterone

9. Good body Developing

10. Having a hawk-like eye

11. Power in the voice

12. Everyone is attracted to you

13.  brain faster than a computer

14. Success in the field you step

15. Achieve your goals easily , Get your goals easily means that if your body will have strength, intelligence and knowledge, then no matter how big the goal is, you can achieve it very easily.

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