fatigue causes and preventions / Thakaan hone ke kaaran.


Nowadays due to fast and busy life many of us didn’t get time for our physical health and due to this many of us suffer from the problem called fatigue today we are going to talk about its causes and preventions –

causes and preventions for fatigue :

Sleep less

sleeping less can cause fatigue, and can disturb your overall health and well-being.
Target eight hours of sleep everyday.

Make sure your bed is comfortable enough to provide you quality sleep , the room should be dark and cool , and also you will have to keep your mobile away and switch off the television.

this will help you achieve concentrated sleep . after making all these changes to your sleep routine if you are still unable to achieve good sleep you should consult your doctor reporting sleep disorder

Sleep apnea

This is a serious sleep disorder where the patients suffers from stopped breathing for for short periods of time during sleep.

majority of people are not aware of this if it is happening to them it causes loud snoring and fatigue in the morning .

More cholesterol , smoking, and alcohol consumption can worsen the effects of sleep apnea ,cut weight if you are overweight, quit smoking, and say no to alcohol.

Your doctor can also suggest you a CPAP device, which will keep your airways open during the sleep .

Not eating enough

Your eating habits can affect your overall health and can cause fatigue if you are not taking enough calories that your body needs or taking meals that does not contain nutrients can result in fatigue

if you are consuming foods that causes spike in your blood sugars as soon as those sugars drop, you will experience fatigue.

You should take a balanced diet like fruits, vegetables , protiens ( eggs , meat ) and whole grains . Say no to junk foods that contains sugar and fats .


Iron shortage anemia is a common reason for fatigue in females. The oxygen that is carried and supplied to your whole body is done by red blood cells and iron is the main component of these cells and in shortage of this your body will not be getting enough oxygen for converting it to energy and can cause fatigue .

Heavy menstrual periods in females can cause iron deficiency anemia.

If you have anemia due to iron shortage in the body you can recover it through your diet . Beans , meats , potatoes , nuts , broccoli and brown these foods are rich in iron start adding these to your diet , or visit your doctor if you want supplements for it.


Sadness and anxiety are the top symptoms of depression , but it also causes some physical symptoms like insomnia , fatigue aches in the joints of body in depression you may also experience hairfall visit here for more details – https://healthroad.in/hairfall-male-pattern-baldness-preventions

If you or your any loved ones is experiencing depression help them and seek medical attention.

Depression cannot be cured without treatment there are several medications that can help walking out of Depression.


Our metabolism is regulated by the thyroid gland it decides how fast the body converts fuel into energy hypothyroidism Can cause weight gain , depression , anxiety and fatigue.

This disease can be spotted by a simple blood test .

Extra caffeine

Majority of the people prefer caffeine to help them perk up , ya caffeine improve energy and alertness but if you are consuming extra caffeine it can cause high blood pressure , anxiety , insomnia and increased heart rate.

After caffeine wears off , you can ‘ crash ‘ and will experience fatigue .

If you have a habit of enjoying caffeine too much , you will need to take yourself out of this . You may experience quitting symptoms if you suddenly eliminate them , so start slowly.

for example cut a half of cup of coffee every week and start drinking more water everyday.

Urinary tract infection

UTIs symptoms include pain or burning during toilet, it forces you to urinate urgently for example when normally you go for urination you can feel it 5-10 minutes earlier but in this suddenly you jump off the bed by the sudden force of bladder it can also be a reason of fatigue and weakness.

If you have symptoms like this talk to your doctor . The common treatment for urinary tract infection is antibiotics and can be cured within a week or two .


Diabetes can also be a reason of fatigue if your body contains high sugars , they are not converted in energy instead they remain in the bloodstream which results in fatique . Low blood sugar ( glucose ) also cause fatigue .

If you are diabetic it is important to manage it change your lifestyle including diet and exercise

your doctor will often prescribe insulin or other diabetic medicines that will help you control it.


We all are well informed how important water is for our body , but do you know lack of water can cause fatigue? When you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated .

Any liquid can keep you hydrated but drinking water is the best option because it does not contain caffeine , calories and sugar. The minimum recommended limit of drinking water per day is eight (8) glass , but you may need more if you indulge yourself more in physical activities like gym or any other kind of exercise or if you are in any warm surroundings . A well hydrated person’s urine is clear or pale yellow if you see it darker , you may need more liquids.

Shift work sleep disorder

Shift work can cause disasters to you body’s 24-hour internal clock. When you keep changing your working time like sometimes in day and sometimes you work at night shift your body is confused when to sleep and when to be awake which causes fatigue .

Our body is trained to be awake in daylight . Try to sleep during the day if you work at night , try to make your room dark , cool and pindrop silence if possible

and when working at night keep that area highly bright like you are working in day . This will train your body for sleeping in day and working at night .

Cure for milf fatigue

It is a image of a person doing exercise

Sometimes we feel fatigued without any cause , in this case exercise can your body a boost. Many studies proved that regular exercise can make you fatigue free you can try exercises like morning walk , running , yoga or you can also join gym. For more information visit here – http://Healthline.com

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