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It is the image of swami Vivekananda doing meditation and giving a message to the youth to practice brahmcharya

What is brahmcharya

Brahmacharya is an Miraculous, inspiring, uplifting and satisfying word.

A Brahmchari remains unmarried lifetime and does not indulge himself in sexual thoughts or activities and rejects the company of girls.

In common words preservation of the seminal energy ( sperm) is known as brahmcharya or celebacy.

A celibate person ( brahmchari) never wants something from the world. He is an infinite ocean of spiritual and mental energy within himself .

He doesn’t want any subject or a incident to be happy he totally have control on his mind .

A brahmchari is free from the attractions and magics of the world he knows the difference between real and fake .

He performs his works without any ego and also effortlessly.

Celebacy ( brahmcharya) is total freedom from sexual thoughts . If any one says he is brahmchari and have a single impure thought in his mind then he can’t be considered as a true brahmchari

Brahmcharya holds many miraculous benefits that will blow your minds , but nowadays porn addiction is the biggest problem of the world .

Youngster’s mind’s are obsessed by sexual thoughts 💭 which are ruining their lifes.

In ancient times brahmcharya was a important rule to be followed by the people till the age of 25 in gurukuls ( schools were called gurukuls in ancient times) brahmcharya helped them gain physical as well as spiritual energy and mental energy .

Overall in simple words brahmcharya means not masturbating ( nofap) or semen retention .

how is semen formed?

Ayurveda says the food we eat goes through 6 stages to form semen –

  • Juice
  • Blood
  • Flesh
  • Fat
  • Bone
  • Marrow
  • Semen

Every stage takes a time of 5 days to complete itself , thus semen is the last stage formed out of food , approximately it takes 30 days to form semen in our body .

Researchers say that when you eat 32 kgs of food ( in several days ) this 32 kgs of food forms 800 gms. Of blood and this 800 gms. Of blood produces only 20 gms. Of sperm yes you heard it right only 20 grams .

Now you can see how valuable the semen is !

Preserving your semen and following brahmcharya ( celibacy ) can take you to another level in your life . Now lets talk about the demerits of wasting your semen –

Disadvantages of masturbation –

  • Low physical energy – generally in one ejaculation 15-20 grams of semen is wasted that is about 700 – 800 grams of blood this leads to low physical energy and fatigue.

  • Memory loss – when a good amount of semen is present in your body it roams in the whole body fulfilling the needs of other nutrients which body needs, as per Ayurveda semen is the food of brain and when wasted memory loss can be faced .

  • Low confidence – a person who wastes semen and doesn’t follow brahmcharya will never have a good confidence , he will always be hiding his face from other people and will always avoid social gatherings due to low confidence .

  • Lower testosterone – masturbation cause low testosterone levels in males that leads to low physical energy , no-beard growth , dull face and fatigue .

  • Low immunity – lets see with an example, semen is the king of body and body is the kingdom if the king is not present in body then it can easily be attacked by enemies ( diseases ) . Sperm present in our body holds high immunity power , it fight against the diseases in the body specially in these difficult times (covid-19) you seriously need your immunity strong.

  • Coward – a man without semen(sperm) in the body will always be coward , for example he will not be able to walk alone on a empty dark road .

  • Unattractive personality – a semenless man will always steal eye contact from others thinking himself guilty that will ruin your impression and leave a spot on your personality .

Nowadays, unfortunately many people are totally sinked in sexual thoughts and activities which is de-powering our youths and upcoming generations these habits results in mental, physical, wrecks increasing day by day.

Most of the times these habits leads to unnatural sex or masturbation which results in wastage of sperm many times a week , sometimes daily also and after that they encounter the disease called nightfall ( modern science confirms it as a natural discharge but in ayurveda it is considered as a disease) .

ue to excessive loss of sperm their testicles starts enlarging and pain also sometimes in testes .

Thus the evil effects of wasting seminal energy are dangerous .

Due to lack of brahmcharya ( celibacy ) our body and mind neglects to work powerfully because the sperm is not there in body for forming “OJAS” that provides physical and mental energy to our body .

Later on, such type of person will develop impotency because now his body can’t produce the wanted amount of sperm. He loses all the charm in his life .

Slave of sexual thoughts becomes a victim of numerous threats to his body like anaemia, weak kidneys, big testes, lack of thinking power, back pain, depression, foggy brain and many more .

He goes through serious sufferings . The scripture declares emphatically,

आयुस्तेजोबलं वीर्यं प्रज्ञा श्रीश्च महदयशः |

पुण्यं च प्रीतिमत्वं च हन्यतेऽब्रह्मचर्या ||

“By the practise of Brahmacharya, longevity, glory, strength, vigour, knowledge, wealth, undying fame, virtues and devotion to truth increase.”

Atharva Veda’ declares:

अति सृष्टो अपा वृषभोऽतिसृष्टा अग्नयो दिव्या ||1||

इदं तमति सृजामि तं माऽभ्यवनिक्षि ||2||

“I have abandoned the lust that wastes my seminal energy. I throw away those sexual desires forever as they destroy my strength, intelligence and health. I will never become a victim of sexual desires’ “

But what happens to one who does not lead the life of celibacy. ‘Atharva Veda’ says,

रुजन् परिरुजन् मृणन् परिमृणन् |

म्रोको मनोहा खनो निर्दाह आत्मदूषिस्तनूदूषिः ||

“The lust is the cause of diseases, dire diseases. It is the cause of death, fatal death.

It makes one walk with tottering steps. It causes mental debility and retardation.

It destroys health, vitality and physical well being. It burns all the Dhaatus ( blood, flesh, fat, bone, marrow and semen). It pollutes the purity of mind.”

problems faced by people :

A Big problem faced by youth and it’s solution…..

Many youths ask, ‘Despite making all efforts, we are not able to stop nocturnal discharge; what should we do?’

First, one should understand what nocturnal discharge or night pollution is.

Nocturnal discharge means involuntary seminal discharge during sleep. It is also called Ehtilaam.

Many youths falling prey to bad company, or by mistake, develop the habit of wasting their sexual energy .

To get a little pleasure, some youths waste their precious sexual fluid- ‘semen’ by masturbation or by other bad habits.

After that, nocturnal discharge starts occurring. Initially it happens only occasionally, but later on it starts happening daily.

Due to wasting sexual energy during childhood (puberty), the waist, nerves, heart, brain and intestines, etc. become weak and as a result of this, food doesn’t get digested properly.

Nowadays, some people sit in their shops or other places even when they are sick, the whole day.

Many are not even able to walk 1-2 miles a day in the morning or evening or do physical exercise.

People are not even able to have a stroll before sleep, as a result of which they do not get proper sleep.

A majority consider it their duty to watch movies and dramas, listen to lewd songs and passionate music, watch porn, indulge in obscene talks repeatedly, entertain lustful thoughts and sow the seeds of such bad habits in the hearts of children.

Nowadays, people want smooth beds to sleep on and tamasic food (oily and unhealthy foods) no wonder they get nocturnal discharge.

Absolute good conduct is required to stop nightfall, There is a saying that ‘Good company elevates and bad company destroys.’

Due to bad company, one does not just get ill-repute but also becomes ill and contracts of venereal diseases.

Reading vulgar books or seeing obscene pictures exercises a great influence on the mind.

Hence one should keep good religious books at home and should display pictures of Saints and continent persons instead, so that one gets sublime thoughts.

Bad company has destroyed even virtuous people. Remember, good company makes man a god and bad company makes man worse than the devil.

Our evil conduct creates trouble not only for ourselves but also for common people.

Also read the miraculous benefits of semen retention – https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/semen-retention

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